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Acting Coach, Casting Director Ashley-Lauren Elrod

WE ARE LIVE- you audaciously authentic being you!


I am constantly using discernment to speak on what is needed right now in all of your lives; not just as performers but as humans and I'm super excited to serve all of you in this season. Whether it be a 1-1 strategy session or group monthly workshop, I am here to help you use your audacious authenticity to book the room, the callback, the gig, and the client! 


You're talking to a gal who has worked over 200 projects in under 10 years, excluding my quick stint as a professional fashion model right out of high school. Before I realized I was miserable maintaining a size 0-2 I was able to book ads or editorials in Vibe, Vogue, GQ and more. 

As a professional working actor of over 15 years, casting director, producer, and director, and digital creator I possess the track record, references, and skillset to help you take control of your career. 


MANDY, Acting Coach, Casting Director Ashley-Lauren Elrod


Acting Coach, Ashley-Lauren Elrod

Your Industry Auntie.

Some of you also may know me as your friendly casting director who has coached for SAG-AFTRA, Actors Connection, Marymount, Philly Actors Lab, NYC Connect, and more! I am also currently a rostered casting director and industry expert with Actors Connection and Broadway Kids. 


In utilizing my methods; my students from newbies to veterans landed an agent, completed their voiceover demo, fully built out their materials, or booked their first ever gig or client after my class! SAY WHAT? Yes, my friends, and I LOVE TO SEE IT! I want YOU to do that too. 

I'm creating a safe space for you to not only learn but to take in all aspects of your power; physically, spiritually, and mentally; harness it, and use it to book it all. 

I not only care about you as an actor but I truly care for your mental well being as this industry is not one for the faint of heart. In any session with me we will breathe, process, and allow ourselves to be open to the discovery of who we are, because in that is where we find that creative we are truly meant to be. 

PLUS I'm a board certified mental health coach with loads of experience in helping people release those mental blocks on the road to success. 


Are you down yet?! Then LET'S GET IT! 


George Elrod Jr Actor

She is my daughter, but as a professional Ashley-Lauren has encouraged, directed, and managed my entire career for the past five years! I never thought after retirement as an educator that I would receive the opportunity of a second career in the entertainment industry. Ashley-Lauren's years of experience which I can attest to has her father, can skyrocket anyone to success. From setting me up with the right agents, to coaching, and editing my auditions I have booked over 50 gigs in only five years time as a complete novice. I have been blessed to book major national non-union and union campaigns for Reddi Whip, Goose Island, AARP, and so much more. I am officially SAG-AFTRA eligible. 

Her warmth, diligence, wisdom, and excitement to see you win, will indeed help you to do so! I am a proud father and client. 

George Elrod Jr

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